One-Act Plays by Jimmy Brunelle
License, Terms & Agreements

The license is a document sent with each script called "Proof Of Paid Royalty & License." It includes licensee information, and all rights, terms, and agreements. It will serve as proof of royalty payment for festivals and competitions.

The licensee is either the buyer, another person, or an organization (i.e. school, theater company). If the licensee is different than the buyer, please fill out licensee fields on the payments page during the shopping cart checkout process, or on the mail order form. If the fields are left blank, the licensee is assumed to be the buyer.

Payment of royalty includes the following licenses and restrictions:

  1. to make limited copies of licensed script(s) for use by cast, crew, teachers, and students involved in the play or class only. Copies may not be sold or resold to anyone. Copies may not be stored or displayed on the internet (e.g. wikis and websites). The author, Jimmy Brunelle, retains full ownership of copyright. All rights are strictly reserved.
  2. to stage the licensed script for the number of performances purchased. These can be staged anytime. A performance (or show) is defined as "a staging of the play for the public, the school, or a gathering of people." Rehearsals and classroom use are NOT considered performances.
  3. to use in present and future classrooms of the licensee for reading, therapeutic and educational purposes. The script becomes part of the teacher’s classroom materials.
  4. to charge admission in any amount at the door for productions of licensed script(s)
  5. The licensee does not have exclusive rights to perform the licensed script(s). They may be performed by other schools or companies in the same area at the same time.
  6. The license cannot be transferred to another person or group.
Restriction Of Alterations
  1. Please, do not alter the title of the play.
  2. Please, do not make any deletions, alterations, or changes to the dialogue or character names in the play. If you feel it is absolutely necessary to make a change to the dialogue or a character name, please contact Jimmy Brunelle for authorization.
  3. The stage directions that are found within parenthesis throughout the play do not have to be followed to the very detail. They are strong suggestions that may change according to set, interpretation, or the actor’s impulses.
  4. The play can not be adapted in any form without the permission of Jimmy Brunelle.
Author Credit & Publisher Attribution

Please mention the author's name, Jimmy Brunelle, underneath the title, as the author on any posters, in any programs or playbills, or before any performance or staged reading. Also, include the following: Produced by special arrangement with Jimmy Brunelle Play Co. (

Use In Commercials Or Advertising

The play, in whole or in part, can't be used in any commercials or advertising (except commercials or posters for an upcoming stage production) on TV, internet, radio, or print without the expressed written consent of the author, Jimmy Brunelle.

Video and Sound Recording

Performances of the play may be videotaped or recorded for personal or class use only. The videos and tapes may be posted on-line, but can't be sold or used for any commercial purpose without permission from the author, Jimmy Brunelle.

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